Photography Model Secretly July Channels 50’s Style

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Slightly over a year ago, I discovered a beautiful, inspiring girl by the brand name @secretlyjuly on Instagram.

Her inspirational journey is one of a kind, as she used to be bullied in high school for her looks. July did not let this take her down, as she concentrated more on the positives.


Meet The Most Stylish Muslim Fashion Blogger In Kenya

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It’s not often we get to bump into Muslim fashion bloggers. Must of the ladies in this realm often dress boldly and are highly experiential – most probably because of the call of fame. I ain’t judging though. So, when I joined the media industry, I was quite shy and couldn’t approach a beautiful lady! Haha! That has changed over time because I happen to have interviewed many of such ladies.


Meet The Sexy Caribbean Model You Should Be Following On Instagram

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By the time I was starting my conversation with her, Trinidadian model Carly Kalii was turning 20 in a month’s time. I discovered her after a random Instagram crawl. You may have noticed that I recently interviewed model Nikita Guy, who hails from the same island nation. Don’t I love Caribbean models?

Rhoda Boke

Instagram Fashionista Of The Week Rhoda Boke Teaches You How To Dress Up Your Curves!

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When I interviewed Kenyan singer Nova last week, she said that for you to look amazing in any outfit, you need to know your body type first. It helps in selecting the right outfits. It also depends on how confident you are. Are you all about being extra cautious about what people will think of you? If that’s so, then you’ll probably never doll up enough to turn heads.

Nova Kenya Music

Kenyan Singer Nova Shares The Secret To Looking Good

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When I discovered her awhile back when she released the single “Boys Wild”. The video was sensual; something bold for a relatively new artiste. In the video, she drives to a garage, dressed up in some really tight pants and gets all the boys there distracted. Yep; that’s the concept behind it – to get them wild.