Best Model Reviews Africa (BMRA) is part of the Tranquil Communications and PR Group. We believe that fashion modeling is one of the greatest forms of art. That is why in this platform was launched in June 2015 to support budding modeling talent in Africa, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Our approach to telling narratives is inspiring, educative and challenging.

The platform also offers mentorship and practical knowledge about the fashion and beauty industries at large.

Our interviewees have come from as far as South Africa, Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, Nigeria and Botswana.Our talents come from all sorts of industries; beauty, fashion, photography, acting, sports, food, travel, auto and many others. They have worked with leading fashion designers, top luxury brands, photographers and featured on major fashion shows. BMRA is the next big platform for trendy millennials.

The platform was founded by Harun Momanyi, a celebrated Kenyan celebrity journalist and reporter, fashion blogger and branded content strategist. He is a Parsons x Teen Vogue (magazine) alumnus, has covered major fashion weeks in East Africa, interviewed A-list Hollywood celebrities and has appeared on leading news outlets in Kenya.


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