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Burundian Social Media Influencer Nella Neth Opens Up About Motherhood, Why She Loves Sweden And Fitness Secret

nella neth

Burundian social media influencer Nella Neth sat down with us this week to speak about her new journey as a mother, the little things she cares about the most and revealed her ultimate hangout joints in Stockholm, Sweden, where she is based.

Nella, you’re now a mom to someone very special to you. How has motherhood changed your lifestyle?

My lifestyle hasn’t changed completely. I surely do not have time to attend certain events or do some stuff because of responsibilities, but I manage to take care of my son and make sure I take care of myself as well.nella neth

Over the years, you’ve branded yourself as an actress and performer. You’re now regarded as the most beautiful influencer to crop out of Burundi. How does it feel to have such a crown?

I don’t consider myself the most whatever but I do have a creative mind. I am entertaining and can also be unpredictable- so if that’s what beauty is then I am so damn beautiful. But when it comes to the appearance, Burundian girls are beautiful; I just happen to be the one that have used my platform shamelessly and became more visible.

What do you regard as your most notable achievement in your professional career?

I have achieved a lot when I look back even though I tend to discredit myself. However, my biggest pride and achievement is the fact that I have established a connection with my followers. There is nothing better than having someone you don’t know, they don’t know you, they don’t want nothing from you but an ear to listen and an open heart. I speak a lot privately with my followers and they share a lot about themselves with me. That kind of trust is priceless. People sometimes just need someone they can relate to.

nella neth

How have you managed to maintain such a terrific body after giving birth?

I must say that it’s genes because I haven’t worked out or done any consistent diet. I have been eating whatever, so let’s thank my parents for passing me the fit genes.

How’s your day-to-day routine now that you’re a parent?

My days are different; anything can happen. I just adjust and add on my normal schedules.

Sweden is known to have great fashion brands, a vibrant culture, the iconic reindeer, a great landscape, the canals in Stockholm and much more. What would you recommend someone to do while in this beautiful country?

OMG! I don’t even know where to start because I might break it down like a tourist guide. Stockholm is a beautiful city; very vibrant, very busy and clean. The parks, the breath-taking architecture, the cafés and the shops.I would recommend someone to have window shopping in Östermalm, go to Södermalm to eat some delicious vegan meals, go visit the royal palace at Gamla stan and at the end go to the clubs in Stockholm — not the most popular, but the underground, Facebook event kind of clubs. You will have blast and don’t forget to put yourself on the list because clubs here can reject you for not being on the list.

nella neth

What kind of music makes your days easy to go through?

Koffi Olomide. I can even feel my body shaking already just by thinking about Congolese music.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Reality shows. I haven’t been watching Basketball Wives this season and I feel like I have missed out.

Has your fashion sense evolved since you became a mum? In what way?

My fashion hasn’t changed a lot because I don’t follow trends; trends are tacky. I am a classic girl that dresses according to what looks good on me.

nella neth

What’s your vision in life for the next 5 years?

I see myself very successful. I just can’t tell anyone my projects – I tend to believe in the evil eye. Inshallah God has great plans for me

What or who’s your muse when it comes to a dose of positivity?

My son he is happy boy; his laughter gives life. Oh and Pinterest. I just type key words like “happy, motivation quotes” and baam I feel good. There’s no particular person that makes me happy.

What’s that childhood memory that you will never get over?

I have plenty…my childhood was quite amazing.

What’s your parting shot, a word of encouragement or appreciation to your fans?

Thank you for being the sunshine on my good and bad days. I love you endlessly. You made me who I am when it comes to being an influencer.


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