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November’s Biggest Highlight: Nairobi Fashion Week In Detail

By Kimani Judy, BMRA Ambassador & Contributor

The fashion industry in Kenya is growing bigger and betters each year and what better way to celebrate our African fashion prowess than dedicating a whole week to all things fashion.

This past weekend (24th – 26th Nov 2017) the summer/spring edition was held at the Nairobi International Convention and Conference Centre and the theme was ‘Arise’.

Nairobi Fashion Week
Model Syra Iqbal with her pal Maryam

The 3 day event was an all glam affair from the designers pieces showcased, to the red carpet moment, the street styles from models and the pop up shops. The runway featured international designers from all over the Africa and beyond. Some of them include Alexander Akande (Cameroon), Matseliso Mphaka (Lesotho),Paakow Essandoh (Ghanaian), Armstrong Loga (Cameroon), Thokozani Freedom Mbatha ( Durban), Sam Omondi (Kenyan), Rawan Bahabri (Saudi Arabia), Yaan Djossonou ( Benin), Ines Claudia and Diane Umugwaneza (Belgium), Safietou Seck (Senegal), Idil Abdi Mohammed ( Kenyan), Alexandria Garcia ( Spain), Brian Lenze ( South African), Ingo Shanyege ( UK),  Debbie Oyugi  (Kenyan), Fatuma Asha (Ugandan),  Irina Karataeva (Russian), Rosalina Sina Tlelase (Lesotho), Megan Smith ( USA).

Nairobi Fashion Week
Guests at the event made us regret why we didn’t show up by reminding us that fashion is an art, not merely dressing.


Nairobi Fashion Week

Diana Umugwaneza of (made in Rwanda) walking down the runway after her collection was showcased in the fashion event.


Nairobi Fashion Week
One of the runway looks from Fatuma Hasha collection; her garments reflect modesty, glam and sophistication.


Ethnic Jewelry
Display from @levitandoenafrika ethnic jewelry macrame designer that uses her trips in Africa as her source of inspiration in her pieces.


Cameroonian Designers
Design by Alexander Akande (Cameroon) of Atelerakande a brand that aims to redefine the public perception of African fashion.


Nairobi Fashion Week
Sam Omondi is the Kenyan designer behind this runway look, classic and modern is the vision in his brand as he couples the rich Kenyan culture with the very refined British craftsmanship.


Nairobi Fashion Week
A piece by Idil Abdi Mohamed a Kenyan designer, who offers women an edgy sense of fashion with a lot more of modesty to go with it.

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