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Visual Merchandising: Why the Adidas shop in Westlands, Nairobi got it right!

adidas originals

So I visited a local Adidas store for the Visual Merchandising assignment. This signature Adidas shop has an amazing interior theme. The overall shade of black and grey was complimented by colors which have been proven to increase sales.

This is the particular aspect of the store outline that I loved and chose to highlight for this assignment.

These included red, blue and yellow.

adidas originals
The color choices at the Adidas shop

Red grabs people’s attention. Green is warm and inviting…it instills a pleasant feeling in the customers. Yellow also commands attention and shows that you’re confident in what you are offering.

In addition to this, individual shoes were put on minimalistic holders and not just placed on top of the shelves. This makes it easier to notice their overall make at a glance.

The store also has spacious and has sitting places for customers to fit their shoes; not while standing.

adidas originals

“Every time a customer comes in, they feel like it is a newer store. Every two weeks, we redo visual merchandising to give the Adidas shop a new, pleasant look. If you come back in a fortnight, you won’t find it looking the same way,” says Amos M. Njeru, the store manager.

“The effect of that is more sales and maintaining the customer loyalty,” he adds.

In addition to this, the lighting is amazing. Check it out!

adidas originals

adidas originals
The shoe stands

All photography by Harun Momanyi


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