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How To Land Advertising Campaigns As a Freelance Model


If you’ve watched the latest campaign of Beyonce’s IVY PARK, you’ll notice totally fresh faces gracing the one minute commercial. It’s not business as usual. No Kylie or Gigi. Beyonce enlisted actress Yara Shahidi who is joined by models Sophie Koella and Selah Marley, as well as musicians Chloe x Halle and SZA. They are basically game changers!

I don’t know if you know this, but Beyonce is an extreme perfectionist. I’ve interacted with some of the people who have worked with her and they all ooze the same trait. Anyways, moving fast-forward, how do you as an aspiring model end up garner considerable attention and end up bagging such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Here are four priceless tips that will help you achieve just that! Note that the following ideas are based on the success of the subjects featured in Beyonce’s latest campaign.

1. Focus on being uniquely different

Many upcoming models want to be just the next Cara Delevingne, Malaika Firth or Adriana Lima. Well, we all can’t the same. The reason why all these top models became the best they were meant to be — and are still rising — is that they remained unique. How do you achieve this? By trying out previously untreated territories. By not replicating style and ideas. Inspiration only is enough. Know what you stand for; the causes you love, the industry niche you’d love to explore and achieve it. Make your photo shoots creative enough. Conceptualize your own stuff. With time, you’ll grow a following that believes in what you do because you’re authentic and got potential.

2. Building a following

This is never easy, as many times we are tempted to do extra ordinary stuff so that we can get out there. By extra, I mean scandalous stuff that many do; boob implants, butt lifts…I mean, why not be content with what you have? Models like Alek Wek maintained their poise…they are proud of their skin color. Make your social media content high quality. Invest in great photo shoots, have fun while doing it. Never see it as an extra cost buying your own personal camera, starting a blog or Vlog, going for auditions, etc. When people have fun while consuming what you put out there, you’ll grow a following!

3. Be your own PR person!

Now that your followers are yearning to know what you’re gonna put out next, do what I call making some noise on behalf of your brand. This entails booking interviews on blogs, radios and TVs to talk about your journey, speak authoritatively on current topics and even give exclusives on your immediate future plans! This could be hinting a collaboration, traveling for fashion week and so much more! Make sure you attend a lot of industry events and have the photographers get your name right! That’s how you become a public figure

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4. Go pitching or look out for opportunities!

By the way, if you’re thinking that most of this successful models just sat down and opportunities came along because they have millions of followers, you’re wrong. They usually have managers who go source for business. Now that you’re freelancing, you need to do this yourself. Always read business newspapers, fashion magazines and blogs to see what’s new. You could get a wind of which brands are launching certain products or campaigns, which movies are launching, which auto brands are introducing new cars…all these are opportunities you could take advantage of! Having done all the basics of brand building (curating your image, having a sick portfolio), approach them for a collaboration. For negotiation, you could use a lawyer friend or a mentor (that’s a topic for another day).

Be sure to follow this and your own experimental, practical DIY for your inevitable success. Follow us on Instagram for more tips!


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  1. Hei there! That sounds like it’s directed to me. What a great piece!! Thankyou Harun


  2. Inspiring!!! 😊


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