Fashion Course Assignment: Tracking Of User Data for Best Model Reviews Africa

Since starting Best Model Reviews Africa in , my audience has rapidly diversified. This is in terms of visits, the countries where my readers originate from and even the kind of people who read my blog. The most popular time of the day is 7.00 PM — according to my WordPress dashboard. Surprisingly, most of the reads are on Mondays. My readers come from Kenya, UK, US, Norway, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, South Africa, Canada…and other countries.

With just 32 posts, the blog has amassed over 39,000 views. In response to the demand, I have made the quality of my content better by making the topics about fashion more objective, focusing on high quality, impactful content that gives practical knowledge to aspiring models.

The most read blog post is on model Nikita Guy from Trinidad and Tobago. It’s popularity was mainly based on her inspiring story on her journey to being a photography model, hence the shareability amongst her adoring fans.


Harun Momanyi is a Kenyan lifestyle, luxury and entertainment journalist. He is passionate about pop culture, technology , fashion and the intersection of the three. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Parsons x Teen Vogue Magazine Fashion Industry Essentials Program.

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