Teen Vogue x Parsons

Production Standards

For this activity, I visited an Reebok and Adidas store at The Hub in Karen, Nairobi area. What I love about the store is the overall aesthetic. The Deacons brand, parent company of the store insists on exceptional quality and variety of the stock. That is why I found it appealing and really exciting to work on this assignment while there.

I did the fitting with the help of Amos Njeru, the store manager. He explained that the store orders their storck from different manufacturers from Asia. This makes the sizes of outfits differ. A size medium t-shirt from Indonesia may be bigger than one from China. An extra large from a certain country may be smaller than another from a different country.

For my fittings, I tried out a blends of spandex, cotton and polyester. The different designs and how a the material was sewn determines the fitting or near-fitting. Extensions or cut outs from an particular design determine if an outfit matches your size perfectly, the store manager advised. The target market also makes the outfits sizes differ. The Canadian market may have a bigger XL as compared to China, where people are considered to be of a smaller size than the former.

These are the two Reebok t-shirts that fit my body:


Harun Momanyi is a Kenyan lifestyle, luxury and entertainment journalist. He is passionate about pop culture, technology , fashion and the intersection of the three. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Parsons x Teen Vogue Magazine Fashion Industry Essentials Program.

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