Too Gorgeous! This Sexy Kenyan Blogger In The Dominican Republic Is What You Need To See Right Now!

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Well, I bumped into Cynthia Nyongesa’s blog back in 2015 and have since followed her amazing work religiously. She’s so ingrained in the African culture such that she named her blog The African Unicorn, which perhaps symbolizes her love for all things glam and fantasy.

The Kenyan-born blogger is currently in Los Angeles pursuing a Neuroscience major, having studied in Costa Rica.

In her posts for her Dominican Republic vacay, she document’s the country’s lush landscape with a series of colorful photos. From the tropical waters to the beautiful architecture, Cynthia managed to bring out the essence of visiting the Caribbean nation.


In fact, I feel obliged to make time for a vacay this coming December! Well, we’ll see how it goes! If it happens, I’ll definitely keep you updated!

Check out the best photos from the blogger’s vacay!











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