Teen Vogue x Parsons

My signature bag

While brainstorming with my tailor, I had settled for a green duct tape to go with the muslin piece that would be the fabric for my bag.

I ended up settling for orange fabric, which would add aesthetic to the final design. The design was partly inspired by the Louis Vuitton brand. I wanted it to remind me of a similar bag I used to use to carry primary school textbooks more than ten years ago.

Two feet of the muslim needed cost me Ksh. 920. The tailor gave me a discount on the orange fabric. After six hours of craftsmanship, which cost me Ksh. 150 an hour, I came up with the nostalgic piece. The total production cost came to 1820, with the 25% profit being Ksh. 455. After consulting my best friend, the retail price came to Ksh. 2,999.

Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Handbag production cost
Two feet of Muslin Ksh. 920
6 hours at Ksh. 150 Ksh. 900
Total production cost Ksh. 1820
25% profit Ksh. 455
Total cost plus profit Ksh. 2275
Estimated retail price Ksh. 2999



Harun Momanyi is a Kenyan lifestyle, luxury and entertainment journalist. He is passionate about pop culture, technology , fashion and the intersection of the three. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Parsons x Teen Vogue Magazine Fashion Industry Essentials Program.

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