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Meet The Most Stylish Muslim Fashion Blogger In Kenya


It’s not often we get to bump into Muslim fashion bloggers. Must of the ladies in this realm often dress boldly and are highly experiential – most probably because of the call of fame. I ain’t judging though. So, when I joined the media industry, I was quite shy and couldn’t approach a beautiful lady! Haha! That has changed over time because I happen to have interviewed many of such ladies.

Most recently I got lucky to meet a truly gorgeous, uniquely different and fashionable young lady by the name Nasra Nuralain Adow. She’s a talented fashion writer on the fast-rise. She is simply so adorable! By now, CNN Style should have noticed her. How late they are.


Her style is different. She took her first step into the game in March 2015, and has quickly captured the attention of top newspapers and blogs in the country.

“I started blogging in March 2015. Yes, I just celebrated my first year of blogging some months ago (March 18 to be precise). I started blogging because of the fact that I used to design my clothes since I can remember and I needed a platform to showcase them and what better way to do it other than having a blog?,” she says.

Everybody has a story to tell. There’s that one moment that sparked your creativity on another level and made you decide to embark on what you truly love. That’s not the only thing that pushed her to venture into this exciting world.

“I decided to do it because there were no Muslim bloggers in Kenya at the time, so being a pioneer of something like this is inspiring!” she adds.


To be honest, Nasra is treading through paths previously unexplored, and she is opening up space for more creatives of her kind. Just a few days ago, I bumped into an Instagram account of an upcoming Kenyan muslim fashionista. She’s fairly knew to it, but I can see potential.

“My sole purpose in starting all this was also to show girls both Muslims and non Muslims that you can also slay without showing some skin…And that’s how I came up with the #ModestyMovementKE,” she reveals.

Nasra says that she seeks to inspire young girls out there with her designs, which are fully customized by her. It all started when she felt that she needs to stand out of the crowd. This led her to start making her own outfits. The gorgeous lady is also a journalist by profession, having worked at Kiss FM. She plans to go to fashion school sometime, so that she can sharpen her skills.

“As you all know there’s no Muslim friendly shop in Kenya so getting something decent is pretty hard unless you want to have the occasional abayas (buibuis),” she says. This encourages her to perfect her craft some more. The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication alumni is also big on reading. She loves The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. She says that “this guys is just on another level with his creativity — his mind and way of thinking just fascinates me.” She also loves Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie.


Well, I won’t take more of your time. Just marvel at her breathtaking beauty and check out her blog!







Interview conducted by @harunmomanyi. Harun is an accredited lifestyle and entertainment journalist, known for working with the likes of Yemi Alade, Vanessa Mdee, Sauti Sol, Eddy Kenzo, K.O and other big celebrities. You can check out more of his work at


6 comments on “Meet The Most Stylish Muslim Fashion Blogger In Kenya

  1. Amazing woman… Continue doing what you do… Bright future ahead of you MashaaAllah


  2. i love I nasrah and you will forever be my role model,,!! mashaAllah


  3. Lovely post! You are so beautiful.
    Follow my account for some great fashion and beauty tips! 🙂


  4. Madina Noor

    wow..u rock it dear


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