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My mock up purse


For this particular mock up, I visited The Woman Shop, located at the heart of Westlands, Nairobi. They stock a wide range of fabric but I settled for Muslin. They import from as far as Korea, Indonesia and Japan.

Their rolls are ten meters long; I bought 2 feet. I chose white muslin from Northcott Fabrics. It cost me Ksh. 920. I decided to work with a different tailer, to acquire a different but consistent aesthetic. She input some African print elements into the purse; with the overall result being simplistic yet nostalgic.

purse design
My purse design. The African print can be seen complimenting the muslin.

The total production cost came to Ksh. 987.5, with my 25% profit being Ksh. 246.875. The total cost of production plus profit was Ksh. 1234.375. The suggested retail price, based on consulting my friends was 2500 shillings. Here’s a breakdown of the production costs:

Purse production cost
Two feet of Muslin Ksh. 920
.45 hours at Ksh. 150 Ksh. 67.5
Total production cost Ksh. 987.5
25% profit Ksh. 246.875
Total cost plus profit Ksh. 1234.375
Estimated retail price Ksh. 2500

Harun Momanyi is a Kenyan lifestyle, luxury and entertainment journalist. He is passionate about pop culture, technology , fashion and the intersection of the three. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Parsons x Teen Vogue Magazine Fashion Industry Essentials Program.

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