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Focus On Lavender Muhatia, Style Consultant At Urbano Gallery

Lavender Muhatia

With the Kenyan fashion industry thriving in Kenya, there’s a significant outcrop of various professionals within the industry. We’ve seen fashion enthusiasts 2ManySiblings being featured on Vogue Italia and Lupita Nyong’o rising as a global fashion icon. It doesn’t end there.

The new generation of fashion icons, influencers, bloggers, TV show hosts and marketers are proving to have an authoritative voice in this field. It’s no longer the field for celebrities on red carpets only.

Lavender Muhatia, a gorgeous young lady who’s the Style Consultant at Urbano Gallery, a budding fashion brand based in Langata, Nairobi Area. She’s a fashion and design student at a leading college in the city. At age 23, she’s taken on the entrepreneurial realm with passion and vision.

Lavender Muhatia

“We’ve dressed Amina Abdi for her morning show, K24 Alfajiri (a top TV show in Kenya) and Ali Kiba’s Girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo with assistance from celebrity stylites Brian Babu when she came to Kenya for Safaricom Live… I’m hoping to dress almost all lady celebs in Kenya,” she says.

Her style is varied, but can be described accurately as sporty girl fashion. Her love for fashion saw her team with Urbano’s founder Khadija Ahmed to build the brand two years ago. This has allowed her to connect with fashion industry insiders and potential clients.

Despite her gorgeousness, Lavender says she’d rather receive a compliment about her personality rather than her looks. The Victoria Beckham inspired girl is a fashion leader in the making.

Check out the Urbano Gallery offerings:

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Check out more of Lavender’s pics:

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1 comment on “Focus On Lavender Muhatia, Style Consultant At Urbano Gallery

  1. pablo escober

    Good job lavender. plus she’s fine too


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