natalie tewa

Meet Natalie Tewa, The Most Gorgeous Kenyan Vlogger Who Will Keep You Glued To The Screen!


She’s gorgeous, sweet and charming. Her accent is addictive. Her name is Natalie Tewa, a Vlogger I discovered slightly over 2 years ago. She comes across as a beauty with brains – educated in the UK in Architectural Engineering.

The University of Leeds graduate has a Youtube channel where she shares her amazing natural hair and beauty regime tutorials. She stands out because of her approach to teaching her fans on how to go about these things.

From my interaction with her, Natalie does this out of passion as opposed to it being her hobby, which is a reason as to why her videos get tens of thousands of views.

Her time in campus in the UK has given her exposure to various cultures and cool people. From watching Tinie Tempah perform live to getting the groove of the London culture, she has experienced the best of the northern landscape.

I carefully selected one of her best Vlogs, yet, which also happens to be her latest, and I must admit that you will fall in love with her work instantly! Keep it locked for my interview full-length interview with her!

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